How To Use Analog Multimeter

Analog Multimeter

If you do not know, how to use an analog multimeter, then this article might help you to understand the analog multimeter. A multi-meter is a device to check the different kind of test of different devices. Analog multi meters get result with perform of the electromagnetic movement. Current enters in a coil while moving through the meter. Coil has a magnetic field that opposes a permanent magnet and as a result turns the existing needle across the calibrated dial. To get the clear answer of how to use an analog multimeter, please read this article carefully.

How to use analog multimeter for checking the current, voltage, and resistance? As every multi meter’s movement is based on current, it is normally adjusted to measure the current. Analog multimeter derives the voltage measurements from the flow of the current through a high value resistor. Get the resistance readings with the use of a reference battery inside the meter from voltage drop measurements.

How to use an analog multimeter to test the Circuitry? In multi-meter, the circuits depend on simple combination of a battery and resistors, many high-rated instruments have active circuits with the use of field effect transistors. The normal cheap analog multi meters are simple.

How to use analog multimeter for scaling? The automatic scaling is not available in the analog multi-meter. You need to turn a selector switch to set the scale for the appropriate range of your reading.

If you need to get an accurate measurement of the AC voltage, you have to read properly the numbers on the dial behind the moving needle. You have purchased an analog multi-meter from the market, but you do not know exactly how to use an analog multimeter. When you purchase a multi-meter always make sure that it has a user manual inside. Every model of a multi-meter has different settings and gives you clear and detailed instructions about how to use analog multimeter. To use that analog multimeter you must have read the information regarding that multi-meter.

Here we describe you how to use analog multimeters in easy and steps by steps method. At first, please connect the probes with the analog multi-meter. Please be sure, the jacks were for voltage measurement where you put the probes. Now switch on to know how to use. analog multimeters may have the maximum range lower than 120. Readjust the range dial to maximum to measure the AC on correct setting. Now touch the probes linked with the meter to the AC voltage source that you are going to measure. Be careful, and keep your hands on the insulated part of the probe and stay away from any metal.

How to use an analog multimeter to test the resistance in a bulb. Put the black probe on the threaded base and the red probe on the center of tab on the bottom of base. See the needle will quickly move to the zero on right. Now adjust the meter to R-x-1. Set the meter to zero for this range. Repeat the above step again and look at the meter that not move so far the right like move before the change in the scale of resistance.

How to use analog multimeters to check resistance between your two hands? Adjust the meter to your highest possible R-x value. Set the meter at zero. Loosely catch a probe in each hand, look at the analog multimeter, and squeeze the probes as hard as you can. You will see the resistance is reduced. Now try again with your wet hands, you can see the resistance is still low. I hope you got the answer of how to use the analog multimeters.